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Chapel is a congregation of the 

Presbyterian Church in America (PCA).

Chapel PCA has a gospel-driven vision for the transformation of Beaver County through the full flourishing of God’s people in every season of life, where each member serves and is served, where children and youth are nurtured in the faith and remain faithful to Christ for their entire lives, where college students are challenged to discover and use their gifts, where marriages are long-lasting and God-honoring in the face of cultural challenges, where single people are freed to serve as full participants in the family of God, and where seniors are encouraged in fruitful ministry.

We are committed to worshiping 

and welcoming

We worship with reverence and joy.
We welcome believers and unbelievers into our community. 

We are committed

to engaging 

and equipping.

We engage our members through care

and discipleship. We equip our members through discovering and developing

their gifts and talents

We are committed to Going 

and Sending.

We go into our communities to share

our faith. We send local, domestic, and foreign missionaries.

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